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CIENFUEGOS and Playa Rancho Luna

icon info Destination InfoOn Cuba s Caribbean side, Cienfuegos perches on the shores of Jagua Bay like a pearl sitting on an oyster shell. First settled by the French, who dubbed Cienfuegos the Southern Pearl, the city is the capital of Cienfuegos province. With time it became an important commercial port and an obligatory stop for all cargo boats. The French influence is still present in the culture and the city s architecture is a mixture of art nouveau and art deco. Diving enthusiasts and sun seekers flock here to enjoy the intense blue waters set at the foot of the Guamuhaya Cordillera. You will find hidden caves and waterfalls, maybe some natural pools and healing hot springs. Cienfuegos is best described in Beny More s song, one of Cuba s most beloved singers: Cienfuegos es la ciudad que me gusta mas a mi (is the city that I like the most).

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