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Find here the Contact Info for hotels and resorts in Cuba. Click the top menu to browse the collection classified by Cuban destinations, or use the search link on the right. Choose the specific destination in the sub-menu. A list of hotels in alphabetical order will appear in the right column (or at the bottom of the page on smaller mobile devices). Click on the name of the hotel/resort to display their contact info.

Most of the contact information displayed in our website are recent, but some are older, and some hotels may have changed name. Although we are doing our best to keep this collection up to date, information contained in our website is not deemed to be accurate or up to date.

If you have a Contact Info that we don't have (or a more recent one) and wish to share it with the thousands of people who visit this website every day, please contact us. But please do not contact us to request a missing Contact Info; if a hotel name doesn't appear on the list, or if a listing isn't highlighted with a link, it means we do not have the information!

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